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The project aims to examine the use of cameras and live streaming as a rehearsal technique in the context of the devising process. It will focus specifically on the historical Cricot2 Theatre interdisciplinary approach to performance-making as well as introducing Anna Makrzanowska’s concept of the bio-camera and bio-screen. The bio-screen and bio-camera refer to the principles presented within Tadeusz Kantor’s concept of the bio-object. One of the functions of the bio-screen is to act as the agent among an ensemble working in separate spaces.

Bio-objects are broadly defined as the actor’s partner and collaborator in Kantor’s theatre.  DECODER (Digital Entry and Connections_Old Dramaturgical Experiences Revisited) is a practice research project investigating how Kantor’s concept of the bio-object can be used as a point of departure in creating a methodology for devising and as means of transmitting theatre and performance pedagogy using digital interfaces.

At the centre of the devising methodology sits the bio-screen and bio-camera, conceptual tools designed to engender an ensemble amongst performers and as a way to create stretch performances into virtual space(s). A website will be created to partially fulfil this latter function for artists and scholars to share their practical work or theoretical enquiries pertaining to the uses of digital communication technologies in contemporary theatre and performance contexts. Another intended function of the website will be for users to share and exchange their memories past theatrical experiences. These might be memories of performances or traces of the everyday that bio-screens and bio-cameras can translate into interactive performative encounters and events using online tools developed through pedagogical research.

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