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Practice, Reflect, Share: Ways Into Research Forum

This page is for delegates of the Practice, Reflect, Share event and scholars and practitioners working in the performing arts to discuss innovations in the field of practice research. It is hoped that visitors to this webpage will share resources, such as links to online repositories and archives, journals, e-books,  case studies, articles etc., and also use it as a forum to articulate issues pertaining to research processes and methodologies. Moreover, it would be useful for contributors to reflect on their experiences of running practice research projects and offer some models of working for others to build on.

Possible topics and questions to address include:

  • Definition(s) of practice research
  • Changing research and educational landscape in the context of the REF and Brexit
  • What does practice allow one to do that theoretical inquiries do not?
  • What are we training students for?
  • Are existing methods of evaluation sufficient for practice research outputs?
  • How technological innovations are expanding the means of access and dissemination
  • How can scholars disseminate research judiciously?
  • What are the challenges of implementing genuine collaboration between colleagues and institutions?

Please send any contributions you would like to make to Joseph Dunne at

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