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Teatro Escola Macunaíma, becomes new partner in The S Word

We are very pleased to welcome our new partner in The S Word international research project: Teatro Escola Macunaíma, based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Colleagues from the school attended the 2017 symposium in Prague, and gave a fascinating panel presentation of their work.

The school will promote The S Word events in South America, and we are working together to develop an exciting new project for 2019.


Teatro Escola Macunaíma was founded in 1974.

Amid the military dictatorship and persecution of artists, the school opened with the clear objective of being a place of resistance to the censorship of the time. Freedom of choice and freedom of expression permeate school life up to the present day.

The school developed as an experimental centre for theatrical education. It was a free space to discuss performing arts and culture in general, and to hold courses on interpretation, dramatic readings and psychodramas.

The school did not follow a defined methodology, but rather a pedagogical approach focused on the sensitization and liberation of individual thought through bodily exercises.

In 1985, Nissim Castiel, a former student, bought the school, and turned it into one of the most important in the country.

Macunaíma was the first school in Brazil to officially adopt Stanislavski’s System and since perestroika, the school has sought to deepen its knowledge of the System with its teaching staff.

More than 30 years later, Macunaíma School is now a Brazilian reference as a centre of study for the System. There are 44 teachers, many graduates from the best universities in the country.

The school’s pedagogy is based upon autonomy and cooperation, designed jointly by the teaching team, coordinators and management of the School. The teaching aims

  • To be participatory, supportive and critical about the environment to which it is linked.
  • To develop Conscious citizens;
  • To train ethical professionals with technical excellence;

Who make their choices and pick their options with determination;

Who develop their responsibility with pleasure, driven by the desire to grow;

Who know how to live and work with differences to achieve a common goal.

The focus on teaching quality means that the school constantly research and train their staff to develop the best team of teachers in Brazilian theatre schools.

The school has four different physical locations in São Paulo, and a fully equipped theatre for our presentations and great enthusiasm to continue investing in art, always!

Currently, the school is run by director Luciano Castiel, who underlines the importance of being faithful to the history and precepts upon which the Macunaíma School was founded, allied to its DNA of continuous transformation, day by day, for a better version of itself.

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