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The S Word: A Practical Acting Laboratory – University of California Riverside, April 2018

The third part of our major international research project, The S Word, will be hosted by partner institution The University of California Riverside.

A Unique and Exciting Opportunity to

Develop Your Practice-Based Acting Research…


“The S Word: A Practical Acting Laboratory”

April 6-8, 2018

University of California, Riverside,

in collaboration with the Stanislavski Centre, Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance

 ‘The creation of the living word.’ This is what Stanislavsky aspired to ignite during his lifetime of practice-based research. But what does that mean in a ‘post-truth era’ of ‘alternative facts’? The word has never been so devalued as in our current society. Empathy and true communication have never been at a greater global premium. Might actor training have a greater human application than ever before? What role does ceremony play in collective understanding?

‘The S Word: A Practical Acting Laboratory’ puts these very questions under the microscope. This unique event comprises three parallel acting laboratories to be led by three internationally acclaimed actor trainers: Dr Sharon M. Carnicke (acclaimed author of the influential Stanislavsky in Focus), Tina Packer (award-winning founding artistic director of Shakespeare & Company, Massachusetts) and Kimberly Guerrero (award-winning actor of stage and screen, including the originator of Johnna Monevata in August: Osage County and founder of the StyleHorse Collective).

During 10 hours of intensive workshops over three consecutive days, the key actor trainers will work with groups of 16-20 participants to investigate timely prompts stemming from Stanislavsky’s ‘system’. Prompts may include ‘How do we train emotional receptivity and empathy?’ ‘How do we dynamically connect breath to word to truthful expression?’ ‘How can we develop dynamic listening and affectivity?’ The emphasis is on curiosity, experimentation and true practical research. Unlike conventional conferences or symposia, new embodied knowledge may be developed during the actual Practical Acting Laboratory. Or it may not. Failure is an option. Dynamic exploration is everything.

Places for this event are strictly limited, and early booking highly advised.

Booking will open August 1st, 2017.

Registration fees: $75 students. $200 all other applicants.

Applicants interested in generous collaboration and willing research are sought.

To keep informed of booking information, please email your contact details to

Co-convenors: Bella Merlin (UCR) and Paul Fryer (RBC)

On-line booking arrangements will be publicised on this website as soon as booking is open.


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