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The S Word: Merging Methodologies (DAMU Prague, 24th to 26th March) Full Schedule of the event.


The S Word: Merging Methodologies

DAMU Theatre Academy, Prague, Czech Republic

Friday 24th March

17.00 onwards – Registration   

DISK Theatre

18.30 – Introduction

19.00 – Keynote Address: Professor Anatoly Smeliansky (President, Moscow Art Theatre School)

20.30 – Drinks available


Saturday 25th March

  Paper Presentations

Haller Hall


 Practical sessions/workshops

Room K107

Paper Presentations

Room 101

09.00 Session 1

09.00 Gene Terruso: The Meisner Process: The future of America’s most popular form of actor training


09.30 Cymon Allen: Sanford Meisner and Michael Chekhov – Methodology or terminology?


10.00 Philippa Strandberg-Long: Mapping Meisner – How Stanislavsky’s System influenced Meisner’s Process.


09.00 Workshop 1

Deepak Verma: The Yoga of Acting


09.45 Workshop 2

Pierre De Galzain: The gushing of the actor’s creativity



Session A

09.00 Sergei Panov/Sergei Ivashkin: Stanislavski’s language in Fomenko’s theatre.


09.30 Dassia Posner: A Polemical System: Actor Training at Meyerhold’s Borodinskaia Street Studio.


10.00 Rose Whyman: The Path of the Actress: Serafima Birman and Stanislavsky’s system






Session 2


10.45 Stefan Aquilina: Stanislavski’s International Thought


11.15 Marie-Christine Autant-Mathieu: Stanislavsky’s forgotten disciples and their teaching in France (G. Chmara), in the United States (Jilinsky) and in Bulgaria (N. Massalitinov)


11.45 Panel (60 minutes)

Marcela Grandolpho/ Simone Shuba/ Luciano Castiel: TEATRO ESCOLA MACUNAIMA (TEM): developing individual sensibility within the artistic ensemble





10.45 Workshop 3

Matthieu Bellon and Luis Campos: Stanislavski’s concept of communion as musicalities of affect in the work of the theatre company Bred in the Bone Laboratory: towards the practice of ‘scales’ for the actor.


11.30 Workshop 4

Dan Barnard: Tasks, Objectives, Intentions…What Did Stanislavski mean when he talked about what characters want and how has his approach been adapted and developed by British directors Katie Mitchell and Mike Alfreds?


12.15 Workshop 5

Ian Watson: Merging Differences – Stanislavski and Barba.

Session B


10.45 Martina Musilová: Stanislavsky in Dialogical Acting with the Inner Partner – In the Neighbourhood with Brecht and Tairov


11.15 Jan Hancil: Between Authorship and Acting




11.45 90-minute workshop (NB. In Room K222)

Eva Slavíková/ Michaela Raisová: Dialogical Acting with the Inner Partner





14.15 DISK Theatre

Jan Burian Keynote







15.15 Session 3


15.15 Peter McAllister: Lee Strasberg’s Method.


15.45 Timothy Kerber: To thine own self be true: Stanislavski and the American “actor as self”


16.15 Ewa Danuta Uniejewska: The Notion of Action: Stanislavsky-Boleslavsky-Strasberg.


16.45 Book Session (60 minutes)

Sergei Tcherkasski: Acting: Stanislavsky – Boleslavsky – Strasberg: History, Theory and Practice.




15.30 Workshop 6 (60 minutes)

Andrei Malaev Babel: The Nikolai Demidov Organic Acting Technique



16.30 Workshop 7 Milton Justice: Stella Adler – Method Without Madness – The Stella Adler Technique


17.15 Workshop 8:  John Gillett: Michael Chekhov: Roots in Stanislavski, branches in imagination and gesture.



Session C


15.15 Marine Theunissen: Stanislavski, the theatrical “science” at the service of immediacy.


15.45 Nigel Ward: Stanislavski and the post-truth society: 140 characters in search of an author.


16.15 Ysabel Clare: Carrying the torch by merging the meta-: a how-to guide to using the new system behind the System and the actor’s GRAFT to inform practice today


16.45 Gustavo Sol: States of poetic presence mapped through Electroencephalography (EEG) and Oximeter (BPM) and artificial neural networks.



18.00 Dinner  



Friends by Barbora Hancilova, directed by Adam Svozil, with the actors of the fourth year of Acting designed by the students of Scenography.

  Bar open    



Sunday 26th March


  Paper Presentations

Haller Hall


Practical sessions/workshops

Room K107

Paper Presentations

Room 101

09.00 Session 4

09.00 Jitka Goriaux Pelechová: Stanislavski’s System – its elements and variations within Thomas Ostermeier’ working Method.


09.30 Bella Merlin: Shakespeare & Company – Merging the Bard with the Russian via Two Female Brits


10.00 Zachary Dunbar: Acting Greek Tragedy: Merging Contemporary Approaches


10.30 Andrei Malaev-Babel: Nikolai Demidov’s School of Acting – Pedagogy of the Future


11.00 Panel debate: The Future of Actor Training: With and Without Stanislavski

(Moderator: Michael Earley)


09.30 Workshop 9

Jane Hensey: EQ + SQ = ST2


10.15 Workshop 10

Kelly Handerek/Kathryn Ricketts: The many rhythms of engagement


11.00 Workshop 11

Stephane Poliakov/H Badet: Stanislavski in Dialogue.


Session D

09.00 Sreenath Nair: Physiospiritual: Stanislavski and Yoga.


09.30 Tomasz Kubikowski: An actor survives.


10.00 Dana Blackstone: Beyond Active Analysis; Backstory Etudes


10.30 Martin Julien: The Accidental Stanislavskian: Failure, technique, and performance in contemporary theatrical practice.






12.30 Film Screening:

Sergei Tcherkasski –


(2016) Screened by permission of VGTRK.




13.30 Buffet Lunch


14.15 Plenary


15.00 CLOSE




Please note: The convenors and event managers reserve the right to make changes to this schedule if necessary

 Co-Convenors: Prof. Paul Fryer (Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance), Jakub Korcak (DAMU, Prague)

Creative Advisor: Prof Bella Merlin (UC Riverside).

Event Manager: Aneta Ruttenbacherova (DAMU, Prague).

For further information, please contact: Paul Fryer (

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