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The S Word: Stanislavski and Contemporary Theatre is a unique four-year international research project, convened by Professor Paul Fryer (Rose Bruford College) and Professor Bella Merlin (University of California Riverside), which explores the legacy of Konstantin Stanislavski in a contemporary context.
The project was launched in March 2016 with an international symposium,The S Word: Stanislavski and the Future of Acting, hosted by Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, Sidcup, U.K., the home of The Stanislavski Centre. The event attracted more than 100 delegates from all over the world, and 46 presenters gave papers and practical workshops.

The opening night of the symposium included a main keynote address (given by Professor Jonathan Pitches – University of Leeds, and Dr. Stefan Aquilina – University of Malta), and the annual Stanislavski Centre/Routledge lecture, delivered by Professor Sharon Carnicke – University of Southern California.
A one-day follow up event, The S Word: Translating the Art/The Art of Translation, presented in collaboration with The University of Westminster, was hosted by Pushkin House in Central London in July 2016.

The second symposium, The S Word: Merging Methodologies, will be presented in partnership with DAMU Theatre Academy in Prague in March 2017.

A third event will follow at the University of California Riverside in 2018.
One of the principal objectives of this new project is to make available the best of contemporary scholarship around Stanislavski’s work and legacy, both in the form of academic papers and practical workshops/master-classes, via our new website.

Currently you will find some brief video extracts from the 2016 event, and this material will be developed to comprise a major open access resource in the future. An online reference for all scholars and theatre-enthusiasts who wish to extend their knowledge of Stanislavski and those who followed him.

Welcome to The S Word.

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