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Opera Notes is now calling for English language articles of the highest scholarly standards in areas including, but not limited to aspects of opera history, analytical musicology, women in opera, performance studies and opera dramaturgy. Articles in other areas considered appropriate by the managing editor will also be published.

Opera Notes offers authors:

  • short submission-to-publication time
  • no page limits
  • the inclusion of audio and video samples, high quality images and music scores where those items enhance the presentation of the research
  • publication of articles as soon as they are ready.

Please note that authors are fully responsible for the acquisition of publication permission for all media to be reproduced in part or whole. This applies to text, music scores, graphs, drawings, photographs, audio and video examples.

Please use Harvard Style Referencing throughout.

Hyperlinking to external permalinked supporting information is encouraged, especially for audio-visual sources.

Submissions in any GoogleDrive-friendly format may be sent to:  operanotesjournal {at}

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