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The Stanislavski Centre at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance is a unique initiative within the UK to create a home for both academic research and practice/performance events based upon the work of Konstantin Stanislavski. The Centre, which is located within the college’s Learning Resources Centre, houses a core collection of books and other printed material (mostly in the Russian language), a photographic archive of more than 200 images and a small collection of material on video and DVD (please see our gallery for archive excerpts), most of which relate to Stanislavski’s own productions at the Moscow Art Theatre. The Routledge/Theatre Arts Archive, core research material for Routledge’s new Stanislavski edition is also housed in the Centre. BB

The Centre has also recently received the research library of the late Professor Jean Benedetti, which includes many rare and interesting publications. This discrete collection will be catalogued in Spring 2013, and details of the collection will be available from this site.

Originally conceived by the late Professor Jean Benedetti (former principal of the College, an internationally renowned expert and author of several major books on Stanislavski’s work), the Centre hosts a series of important lectures, workshops, study days and other events throughout the year (please see the events page). Scholars may gain access to the collection for research purposes by prior arrangement (please see the access page).

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