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A unique new four year research project that will explore Stanislavski’s legacy and influence in the contemporary theatre, commenced with the international symposium, The S Word: Stanislavski and the Future of Acting, held at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance in Sidcup, UK, 18th to 20th March.

Over 100 delegates from all over the world attended the event, and 42 delegates either presented papers or practical workshop sessions.

The symposium began with a Keynote given by Professor Jonathan Pitches (University of Leeds) and Dr Stefan Aquilina (University of Malta) titled  Stanislavski in the World: the System and its transformation across continents.

This was followed y the 2016 Stanislavski Centre/Routledge annual lecture, “Be Flexible”: Stanislavski’s and Knebel’s Legacy for Today’s actors, delivered by Professor Sharon Carnicke (University of Southern California).

The second S Word event will take place at Pushkin House in Central London on 13th July: Translating the Art/The Art of Translation, with guest speakers chaired by Anna Shulgat, this year’s Stanislavski Centre Research Associate.

We anticipate including a number of one-day events over the coming year which will culminate in a laboratory/workshop event hosted by The Theatre Department of The University of California Riverside in September 2017, led by co-convenor Professor Bella Merlin.

The major event of 2018 will be hosted by DAMU Theatre Academy in Prague, Czech Republic.

Further details of all events will be published nearer to the presentation dates.


The S Word: Stanislavski and the Future of Acting

was a joint presentation of The Stanislavski Centre and The University of California Riverside

sponsored by Routledge/Taylor & Francis, and Nick Hern Books

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