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Professor Anthony Hozier


Professor Hozier, the College’s former Vice-Principal, was instrumental in bringing the David Bolland Kathakali Collection to the College, and personally digitised and catalogued all video and filmed material. He has documented and catalogued also two conferences held at the College: Actor Training Symposium One: Performance/Process in 1999 which involved contributions from Professor Jean Benedetti, Vladimir Ananyev, Zofia Kalinska, Bella Merlin and Paul Allain; and Actor/Director Symposium Two: Brecht/Directing/Acting in 2000, which featured Dr Manfred Wekwerth, former assistant to Bertolt Brecht, Principal Director under Helene Weigel of the Berliner Ensemble, and Honorary Fellow of the College, together with John Willett, Bernd Kessler, Renate Richter and Clive Barker; and he is the Editor of Wekwerth’s book Daring to Play: A Brecht Companion, Routledge, 2011.   Professor Hozier continues to teach at the College, and is currently documenting the history of the institution.


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