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Rose Bruford College Welcomes Ashtar Theatre back to London

Rose Bruford College is thrilled to be hosting the pioneering Palestinian theatre company Ashtar Theatre as they return to London with a one-off performance of their work 48 Minutes for Palestine in The Rose Theatre on Wednesday April 9th.

48 Minutes for Palestine is a compelling new drama without words, about a woman and a man living together against their will, told totally through physical action and original music. Over the last three years this powerful, confronting production has toured the world, garnering critical acclaim wherever it’s seen.

Peter Brook wrote: “it’s an amazing, magnificent piece of work.  In fact, it is all of a piece, as there is no way of separating conception, visualisation, staging, performing – and meaning.  If there is any very positive and hopeful message, as some of the audience in the discussion were looking for – it is there in the fact that your work is an affirmation that unity – even for 48 minutes and encompassing the spectators – is real.”

The Rose Bruford College performance is the headline event of the College’s Symposium 2014: “Here, There and Everywhere: Making Connections Through Global Exchange” and has been sponsored by TheatreFutures – the college’s research department. Director of Research, Professor Nesta Jones said today: “I’m thrilled to be able to bring to our students this celebrated production, which is a beacon of hope and potential for the future of theatre. Ashtar’s achievement in making ground-breaking, challenging work such as this in an environment of social and political turmoil  is heroic. They are a role-model for theatre makers everywhere.”

48 Minutes for Palestine has been directed by Rose Bruford College Key Practitioner and visiting lecturer, Mojisola Adebayo who writes:

I have worked in Palestineon various theatre projects over the past 10 years. In that time I have seen anintense increase in the level of oppression. I am constantly impressed bypeople’s resistance through friendships and art. But when I go back home, I am constantly surprised by how little people know about the situation.

48 Minutes for Palestine is a highly acclaimed international collaboration between British / Nigerian / Danish theatre maker Mojisola Adebayo and Ashtar Theatre, Palestine.

48 Minutes for Palestine is an emotionally intense yet absurdly playful, compelling naturalistic drama that happens without a single word being uttered. It feels like a deeply atmospheric film that is all the more powerful for being live.

Performed by 2 remarkable and respected Palestinian actors, Edward Muallem and Riham Issac, directed by Mojisola Adebayo, 48 Minutes for Palestine explores what happens when a woman lives under occupation.

48 Minutes for Palestine accompanied by an edifying original musical score by celebrated composer, Rami Washaha with instrumentation infused by Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

The Rose Theatre, 6:45pm, Rose Bruford College. Admission is free for current students of the college. 48-minutes-for-palestine-poster-image

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