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Michael Chekhov and his influence on British theatre-practice

Michael Chekhov and his influence on British theatre-practice from 1936 to the present day.

Graham Dixon (Michael Chekhov Studio, London)

Tuesday 20th January Room C118, 18.30 to 20.00

Graham Dixon




Graham Dixon will talk about Michael Chekhov’s studio in Dartington Hall, Devon, in the mid-1930s and whether Chekhov’s approach to the art of acting and directing has influenced, in any way, British theatre practices up to this date. He will also aim to show how Chekhov’s work compares and contrasts with all the other theatre practices of the 20th century.

Graham Dixon has been involved with Chekhov work as a professional actor/director/teacher for over 40 years having studied with and met many of Chekhov’s original students.

He originally trained as an actor in Sydney, Australia and there studied voice and speech with Alice Crowther, who introduced him to the Michael Chekhov method. (Alice was the speech and eurythmy teacher for Michael Chekhov in England and USA). Graham then continued his interest in Rudolf Steiner’s approach to voice and speech at the Goetheanum in Switzerland and at the London School of Speech Formation.

Since 1980 he has been active in directing, writing and performing for his own theatre company, which toured Australia, the UK and Europe with imagination-based fairytale and Shakespeare programmes.  Graham founded the Michael Chekhov Studio London in 2005 and continues offering workshops and classes in the UK, in Europe and USA. SIMON CALLOW is the patron of the MCSL.

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