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Collection Overview

The Film and Video Collection is divided into six parts (4 of which feature in detail on this site):

A   Kathakali – General
B   Kathakali Plays
C   Kathakali Choliyattam
D   Other performance material from Kerala
E   Indian Folk Dances
F   Contemporary Indian Dances
     (Parts D, E and F are not yet available for viewing)

David Bolland’s book, A Guide to Kathakali (Third edition. New Delhi: Sterling Publishers Pty., 1996), is an essential companion to viewing the Collection. In addition to explaining the conditions and conventions of performance and staging, it provides detailed scene-by-scene synopses of plays.

A note on credits:
Every attempt has been made to identify the individual artists in the performances recorded. The editor of the website apologises for any inaccuracies and will be grateful for information on any necessary corrections.

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